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Aleksandra Moroz

7:09:46 AM

Hello, can somebody help me to understand how to open this option for my page to be seen on Pinterest?

Mario Carta

11:05:07 AM

Good Saturday to all. Aleksandra I didn't know we had that option. I know we have share buttons like twitter, face book and Pinterest.......?

Delynn Addams

4:54:50 PM

Aleksandra, just click on the social media button like Mario says. And at the end of each post is twitter and FB but there is not one for Pinterest. Use the pinning options from Pinterest. Search for TURN ON PINTEREST PINNING online.

Delynn Addams

4:56:57 PM

Greetings Everyone, You are invited to self promote on FB. Join us who are decorating this room with FAA's pillows and blankets. Please just add your URL to your FAA products and don't upload any images. Enjoy.

Mike Savad

5:13:34 PM

Ronald Walker

10:06:41 PM

Just checking to see if anything of interest is going on here.

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